Global Care Intl.

About us

Global Care International is a digital health development and medical services delivery organization with a global initiative to bring 21st century medicine to underserved and impoverished populations across the globe.  This is being accomplished by way of the development and deployment of advanced technologies involving telemedicine and telecommunications.

Simply put, Global Care International is dedicated to “connecting” patients with care providers with the support of both 21st century technology and international care providers in such a way as to break down the barriers, either, social, political and/or geographic that make it impossible for two thirds of the world’s population to receive even the most basic of health care services.

Global Care International, by way of its strategic partners, ISeeYouCare, Inc. (formerly known as ICUcare, LLC) and CSI Engineering, have the solutions – and the solutions are mobile and customizable providing Western healthcare delivery “equivalency of care” standards for patients around the world.

On the ground solutions include: land-based systems (fixed and mobile); water-based solutions (inland waterway medical service vessels) and supported by one of the largest telecommunications systems in the world.


The company was founded by Robert E. Higgs, an engineer in 2010. Mr. Higgs, who is also the Founder/President of ISeeYouCare, Inc. (formerly known as ICUcare LLC) had just returned from debuting the world first Telemedicine-based Electronic Medical Records Platform at the ATA Show in San Antonio, TX to rive reviews. Dr. Jay Sanders, also know as the “Father of Telemedicine” along with some other members of the Board of Directors came by the booth and after reviewing what had been achieved said, “I’m glad someone finally put the Medicine with the Tele”, an obvious assessment to the ability of the system to provide every remote Provider the patients Longitudinal Medical History.

While at the show, there was a delegation from Nigeria who visited and expressed an interest in having such a remarkable technology deployed in their country. Within 2 months, we found ourselves in Nigeria speaking with the Minister of health and ultimately, the President of the country.  After only six months, Global Care International had deployed a pilot program connecting remote villages (PHC) with a tertiary hospital in Keefe.

In 2012, Mr. Higgs was asked to speak at the Pan African eHealth Conference in Abuja, Nigeria where he met with several Ministers of Health from neighboring countries. Those one-on-one meetings proved beneficial and soon Global Care Intl. had a significant presence in Africa.

In 2013, while exhibiting in the ATA Show in Austin, TX, a corporate delegation from Brazil came by and expressed interest in collaborating for the commercialization of this remarkable technology in Brazil. Soon after, Global care Intl. was deployed in South America. This initial entry into the South American market culminated with the adoption and usage of the Global Care Intl. Telemedicine Platform being used to support remote medical services delivery for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Games at seven tertiary hospitals and eighteen ball stadiums.

Fast forwarding to more present-day history. With the Covid Pandemic of 2020, Global Care Intl. in collaboration with ISeeYouCare was asked to develop a National Preparedness and Response Solution by the Department of Defense (DOD). In response to that mission and along with newly adopted health services programs by HHS/CSM regarding Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring services, the Comprehensive Virtual Care EMR was developed.

This eco-system along with a web site developed for use by the entire US population for scheduling a Covid Test at any of over 80,00 locations was able to provide the following at the point of care. (Test site)

  • Automatic retrieval of an individual’s medical history for consolidation into a cloud-based My Records Now Personal Health Record System with all said data being made available to the Provider at the test site. (Use Case: Ability to stratify patients who were at high risk of developing Covid)
  • Providing a National Unified EMR system for use by all providers at the test site for the collection of data.
  • Ability to provide medical devices such a Thermometers and Spo2 Monitors to patients who may present with symptoms, however, with a Negative test result. These patients would be automatically onboarded into an RPM for Covid Monitoring Program with 24/7 monitoring and intervention, If needed.
  • Ability to provide transition services to patients testing positive for Covid for inpatient care to include the transmission of all medical history to the in-patient facility for use in treating the patient.
  • Ability to track and report on the number of patients in real time for every individual location and aggregate totals for the following:
    • Number of Patients Tested
    • Number of Patients Testing Positive
    • Number of Patient admitted to ICU’s
    • Number of Patient Discharged from ICU’s
    • Number of Beds Available
    • Number of Providers Working
    • Number of Providers Available
    • Respirators In Use
    • Number of Respirators Available

AND Much More!!!

Global Care International has come a long way in pioneering digital health solutions and integrating them into one unified eco-system of systems capable of being deployed singularly or any system configuration to meet a given application requirement. The versatility of the system is unique for many reasons as it is all still based on one disruptive architectural premise involving the data belonging to the patient who has the ability to provide that data to every provider at every point of care in the world seamlessly as well as the ability to collect new delivery medical services data for return and consolidation to their cloud based HIE Class EMR.

We’re not through yet as the company has plans to soon offer this eco-system to a select number of developing countries where it will serve as their National Health Information System with subsequent use by way of internal licensing to in-country Providers or Provider Organizations for use as their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System.